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She is complicated
like a tornado;
he is complicated
like a lightning storm.

But they are uncomplicated
every time their eyes meet.

– Noctis Blackburn


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Noctis Blackburn is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.

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Maintaining A High Output In Writing | #WritingCommunity #Poetry #Poems #CreativeWriting #Prose #NoctisBlackburn #Writing #Inspiration

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”
– E.L. Doctorow

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
– Louis L’Amour

Noctis Blackburn
August 9, 2019

Writing is an extremely time intensive process. 

It is easy to spend dozens of hours a week working on your craft, drafts, editing, and so on, without it even being a job for you.  This is why it’s paramount to keep your energy levels up (physically and mentally) and your inspiration topped off as much as possible, for it allows for seamless creation of content whether you do fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, or anything else.

The aforementioned was stated because I’ve often been asked how is it that I’ve written quite a few poetry books so quickly, and my main answer when asked has always been that I make sure that my inspiration is always there.  I am always exposing myself to things that inspire me, whether it is music, movies, words, passages, moments, people, interactions, meaningful memories, previous write-ups, diary entries, letters, notes, emails, you name it, all of that inspires me to the core.  It keeps the embers of inspiration lit to such an extent that I’ve actually come up with a term named “Writer’s Flood”, which will be discussed at length in a future blog.

To sum it up now though, the term ‘Writer’s Flood’ is the opposite of the term ‘Writer’s Block.  Where in traditional ‘Writer’s Block’ you couldn’t write if your life depended on it, ‘Writer’s Flood’ means that you’re so inspired writing basically takes care of itself, it’s almost like you’re  tapped the well of inspiration and it costs you no energy and your output at such a time is incredible and nigh effortless.

The vanguard thing I do now is that, whenever I feel this inspired, or significantly inspired, I end up writing, whereas before I would have specific time slots to write.  Well, the latter idea, though great on paper, almost never works that efficiently for me.  If it works for you, fantastic, it just doesn’t serve me that well.  As such, it matters not whether I’m at the coffee shop, a friend’s house, playing pool by myself, at the gym, at Barns & Noble, maybe a restaurant, you name it, I plop down my notebook, or write on a book, or use the phone, and begin writing.  And it’s not uncommon during the most inspiring moments to knock out 50 or way more poems fairly quickly.  This isn’t always the case, but it happens probably once or twice a week, with several other times, sometimes multiples a day, me writing a lot of poems at varying times, as well as many other passages and so on.

I say all this because this isn’t some special talent, or anything that’s inherent to only me.  I know one person that’s beginning to do it considerably, and another two that are taking this approach and its working well for all of them. 

So what exactly do I do?  Simple, as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, I do things that infuse me and/or increase my energy levels coupled with things that inspire me, whatever that may be.  Certainly, what may inspire me, may certainly not be what inspires you, but each of us can be hit by inspiration, or actively seek it.  And once we infusing ourselves with tsunamis of energy, writing doesn’t become a choir, but an adventure. 

I fittingly chose to write this on a Friday Night, because I’m between hanging out with friends, and I’m about to head out by myself to my favorite spot.  This place is the place where I draw a lot of inspiration from, and I’ve written hundreds of poems, countless journal entries and blogs, and everything in between here.  Because of this, I try to go there on Friday nights as much as possible, because it works for me, though I know this wouldn’t work for everyone. 

Bottom line: do whatever works for you.  Seek inspiration however you can.  If you’re always being energized when in the company of others, or while having conversations with others, this should tell you all you need to know about what works in inspiring you.  Or if something else inspires you, do that.  Do whatever it is that brings joy to your soul.   And hopefully, once you create these circumstances for yourself, it’ll be a long time before you experience Writer’s Block again, because hey, if you can circumvent ever having Writer’s Block, why not do it? 

You all have a wonderful evening. 

3 Mistakes I Learned From Publishing My First Book | #Writing | #WritingCommunity | #Poetry | #Prose | #NoctisBlackburn

Noctis Blackburn
July 23, 2019

When it comes to writing, it is an arduous task, and there’s no need to make it more complicated than it already is.  Even so, whether you already write for a living or you are doing it as a hobby, there are seemingly small and yet significant tips that when kept in mind make writing simpler and enjoyable.

With that canvas set, we will proceed into discussing the 3 biggest mistakes that I used to do constantly, and still struggle with from time to time.  Some of these may already be known to you, especially given that some teachers do teach this in school, but not all do.  Given that, I will proceed showing the breath of my mistakes in hopes that these help others avoid them so they can save time and learn how to hone their craft that much quicker.

#1 – Overusing Commas

I still do this a lot myself, but not as much as I did months ago.  I am uncertain how many people struggle with this concept, but I know that I tend to overuse commas at least twice as much as I should.  It might be because I attempt to streamline my thoughts in sequential fashion and I am afraid of that logical chain might not be understood.

Irrespective of that though, make sure that you do not overuse commas.  The simplest way to learn how to use these is by reading sentences out loud and seeing how they flow.  While this method isn’t perfect by any means, it sure goes a long way to helping writers realize where commas do not go, and where others might.

#2 – Overusing Semicolons

This problem is something I struggled with considerably about two months ago or so, but thankfully it’s not that hard to overcome.  The way I overcame this was keeping in mind that unless what follows the semicolon was downright imperative to the aforementioned and needed to be organized as such, it was probably better to break up the thoughts that follow the semicolon and create a separate sentence. 

#3 – Be More Specific

This one is something that many (or most) probably have heard by now, but it is something that everyone struggles with, myself included.

Poetry is one way in which I am learning how to be incredibly precise, nigh like a surgeon when I attempt to pick words, because it helps convey in salient fashion what you wish to impart.  There is no shame in taking care of how you choose words and how you employ them, for writing is a craft and the only way to get better at the craft is by practicing it.  Being more specific is the tip of that spear.

There are additional mistakes that could be discussed, but in the interest of time and efficiency I will stop this right here. 

If any of you have any additional suggestions I would love to hear them below. 


About Me:

Noctis Blackburn is an reader, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.

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