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Foreseeing the future, the Titaness of the blue skies
Is keying in on torture, brought about through cries
Evoking visions of spirits that meander lost in time
Provoking derision in candor from ghosts of crimes.

While the Gods went to war, the Heavens all quaked
Stacked odds spoke of gore, while Gaia’s spirit ached
Few moments bode worse than visions from her eyes
All of these omens flow cursed in derisions despised.

Whence darkness fights light all is given to plunder
The starkness of plight torches the Heavens asunder
Theia, who is the mother of Helios, Eos and Selene
Augurs prophetic affairs all brought incisively keen.

Archangels fought Demons, and Heaven fought Hell
In the most heart–rending story Theia could foretell.

Noctis Blackburn ©
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