Blackburn Bits #2 – Libraries | #Books #Libraries #Reading
September 9, 2019

There are many reasons why I absolutely find libraries incredibly intriguing and refreshing. 

Containing veritable memories of the past, be they in fictional or nonfictional format, libraries have always invigorated my soul, for they offer a kaleidoscope of wonder from which to draw upon and examine at length, and countless ways in which individuals can indulge in the exploration of thougth that others have laid down before them.

When I was younger, I always dreamed of having a library just like in Beauty & The Beast, and thankfully Iā€™m lucky enough to have a large library of nigh 1000 books.  Although most of these are of the nonfiction variety for research purposes, I enjoy them all nonetheless.  I have always found incredible inspiration in books of all types, and find them to be one of the most underrated aspects of media today.

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Blackburn Bits #1 – Life & Humor

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Blackburn Bits #1 – #Life & #Humor

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
– Charlie Chaplin

Recently, I got into a conversation with someone that discussed life and humor. This conversation was intriguing for many reasons, but one of the more interesting points was when we talked about that although life features many moments that deserve serious thought and consideration, not every moment need to be as such. Many moments allow for the latitude of humor to be sprinkled in liberally making things more interesting and fun.

Moreover, while life does have its inherent serious circumstances that require individuals to be serious, having FUN and being yourself, whether its silly or not, is something that although often intimated, doesn’t happen as often as one would think in circumstances outside of the ones that require one to be serious.

Life is roller-coaster that is arduous, thought-provoking, amazing, and certainly much more. But it can also be fun when the time is right, so hesitate not in enjoying circumstances, or sprinkling humor when you can, because it often makes moments not only much more fun, but incredibly memorable, too.