Blackburn Bits #11 – Individuality

The Blackburn Memoirs
Zy Marquiez
February 28, 2020

No matter who you are, it is downright crucial to embrace who you are, no matter what. It’s not always easy, but its possible, and its ultimately the only way that you could ever be the best you, for how could you ever the best version of yourself, if you do not embrace yourself in your totality?

Likewise, the more you embrace your individuality the more your vibes will resonate significantly and you’ll be able to find your vibe tribe, those that understand you for you, and not simply the mask that you (and each of us) choose to wear daily.

As I’ve often written, there are people that will only accept you for you, as long as you are flawless, as long as you are perfect. That is not a sensible thing to expect from anyone. But many people see others expecting that, which is why individuals end up holding back regarding their personalities, likes or dislikes, etc., never showing their true selves, or any shade that might even compromise that perfect image that some often expect.

Not only are those impossible standards to attain, but that’s being highly conformist when someone expects you to fit within a (perfect) box. Anyone can accept your light shades, but its takes a true friends to accept every strand of your existence, every shade within your spectrum.

THOSE people more than anything are your vibe tribe. And I am incredibly thankful for all of those that I have gotten to know over my life that fit that bill.

You all have a wonderful day.

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