Blackburn Bits #10 – Life, Inspiration & Your Dreams

The Blackburn Memoirs
Noctis Blackburn
February 9, 2020

With the above image in mind, which mindset do you employ?

I have always been fascinated by the mindset each individual employs, as we all tend to decide the lives that we live based on those views. Mindset is paramount, as growth and change are born out of it. And growth is born out of our continual stoking of the fires that feed our soul.

For me, writing is one of the main things that helps feed my soul. Exploring and learning about life also does the same, too. And all of that has helped me grow faster and in more directions than I ever though I would. I wouldn’t be here now doing this if that wasn’t the case.

Whatever happens, make sure you start, or keep doing what feeds your soul continually, no matter what it is. By continually feeding your soul with that which you genuinely Love to do the most, you’ll get an endless well of energy that’ll continually keep you ignited to do whatever it is you wish to do for yourself. That’s how you begin creating those avalanches of growth that make every day like a new canvas so you can continually use to create the life of your dreams.

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Noctis Blackburn (aka. Zy Marquiez) is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.
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