Are You Living Your Dreams? | #Goals #Dreams #Mindset #Life #Mindfulness

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
– Thomas Jefferson

“Comfort kills ambition. Get uncomfortable and get used to it in your pursuit of your goals and dreams.”
– Robert Kiyosaki

“Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air.  They are where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.”
– Henry David Thoreau

The Blackburn Memoirs
February 2, 2020

Earlier today a question occurred to me that I’ve asked a few people, but not as many people as I probably should.  The question is: are you doing what you Love doing in life, what you truly enjoy doing, whether for a living, or as a hobby? 

It seems like simple question, doesn’t it?  And it is simple, in that the answer can only be yes or no.  You either are doing what you Love doing in life, or you are not.  On the other hand, the answer to the question could be complicated in that many people have dreams and want to do more with life, but don’t pursue those dreams for myriad reasons. 

Irrespective of that however, I ask the question because life waits for no one.  I’m thankful that I began pushing towards my dreams really early in life, and I kept jumping into the deep end of the ocean of the unknown willing to fail countless times in pursuit of my dreams.  Thankfully, although I have failed in many things in life, the first big dream that I pursued and had success with was playing online poker for a living, which I loved doing and taught me a lot about life, people, dreams, focus, mindfulness, mindset, and much more.  But when it was time to move on from that, the next dream I had was launching multiple businesses.  Pursing those dreams was not easy, particularly poker, but had I not sought what I Love doing then I wouldn’t be here right now doing what I Love doing, and that is writing. 

This concept is important because doing what you Love invigorates your soul.  You’re always energized, you’re always in a good mood, you’re always getting things done, it it’s all seamless, you just do it.  I find that when I am not doing what I Love doing, that’s when I begin to get stuck, that’s when my inspiration just nosedives considerably and I end up feeling like I’m wading through a mire.

These are some of the thoughts that have led me to be more mindful of my time on social media, and shifting that time to doing things I Love doing, except doing them far more often.  And the main things I Love doing are reading, writing poetry and blogs, and doing research.  I can spend day after day endlessly doing all of that, and I’m right at home, doing what I Love. 

While I have not stopped writing at all, what I had stopped doing was reading and research, which I really thoroughly enjoy for many reasons, not the least of which is because it gives me a greater understanding how the world really operates.

In any case, the point is to ask you the reader whether or not you are doing what you are doing.  Whether it revolves writing, or any other dreams, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a very serious question, and I ask because most of the time we go through life day after day, month after month, year after year, and we end up living the same day, the same week, the same month, the same year, over and over again, as if we don’t have a choice.  But all individuals DO have a choice.  Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

You can choose to take proactive steps towards your dreams, or not.  For instance, some of my goals for this year are publishing a few more books, more than last year, while also pushing myself to review books again like I was doing in the past, while continuing to write poetry as well, while not neglecting the blog.

Some of those goals are easier than others, but the main commonality all of these goals have, and all dreams have is that if you look at them from the right perspective, all they require are baby steps. At times, it can be a lot of baby steps, but ultimately, no dream is ever accomplished without consistent steps, and last year taught me that if I can keep myself mindful about how I employ my time, I will not only achieve my goals but I will do what I Love doing. But I have to be mindful about it. There is no if and or buts of about that.

Thankfully, the option to do what each of us Loves doing is always there.  Pursuit of dreams and goals might not be easy, but it’s always worth it. 

Now, before you leave, I ask you all one last time: are you doing what you Love doing?  Why or why not?  What’s stopping you? 

Only you can answer those questions, but I hope that whatever each of you is doing in life, one way or another you’re taking proactive steps towards your dreams.  

You all take care and have an outstanding evening. 

Noctis Blackburn (a.k.a. Zy Marquiez) is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.
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