Blackburn Bits #9 – Individuality & Staying True To Yourself | #Mindset #Individuality

The Blackburn Memoirs
Noctis Blackburn
January 30, 2020

Life’s incredible in that you get to meet people from all walks of life.  The more you expose yourself to different individuals, the more you learn about the range people have, and the depth that cultures have depending on where that person is from and where they were raised. 

Be that as it may, for myriad reasons, many people struggle with staying true to themselves.  Whether it’s social upbringing, conformity that comes from all directions, or simply trying to fit in, the issue of not being wholly authentic and happy in your own skin plagues many individuals from all walks of life, and it can shackle someone’s soul in endless ways.  Not being true to you is like having a box of crayons, and always panting in one color because you are expected to (or may even want to if you are conforming yourself) only employing one color and hence, not employing the full kaleidoscope of colors that are available for you.  Worse, such instances zap your spirit in countless ways.

As an example, for the longest time, I struggled with the fact that I was a writer, poet, and love reading.  Why?  Because one way or another, some people judge you for all three.  But I got tired of it, and decided that if I wasn’t being true to myself, I wasn’t living life to the fullest. 

How could a person, in any way shape or form, be living a boundless life, if they are only showing a fraction of who they truly are and what they really love?  And it doesn’t matter what you enjoy and love doing, if it’s your passion, OWN IT.  F**k what other people think. 

As an adjunct to the previous example, I still remember the looks I used to get when I started taking books into the gym to be efficient to read and write between sets since I hate wasting time, with some people giving me the look like “Is he for real?”  HELL YES I’M FOR REAL!   I love reading, I love writing, and I’m not going to cap myself because some people decided to judge me without knowing me. 

I also realize why I get judged a lot, and one of my close friends told me this long ago. She said something along the lines of, “You don’t look like a nerd, dress like a nerd, or even joke like a nerd, but deep down inside, you’re the BIGGEST NERD I KNOW!” And that never occurred to me until she said it, but it was true. I can’t help who I am or what I love doing. I just own it now. Or in other words, what I was going through is what is called judging a book, by its cover. How ironic is that?

It’s odd that in a culture that’s supposed to extol freedom, conformity seems to be the prescribed theme most of the time.  But there is no growth in that.

And the best part of simply being yourself is that you will begin finding your vibe tribe, those that’ll appreciate you for you without any agendas at bay, without any complications, always authentic in their own skin, no matter what.

You were meant to stand out, so do it.  Own it.  Become the person you always wished to be, because life’s too short to live only showing a fraction of who you truly are.

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