Blackburn Bits #8 – A Life Of Depth | #Life #Quotes #Emerson #Writing

“Identify what stops you from being your ideal version of yourself.  This is a core part of personal growth work.”
– Dr. Zwig

At my current personal juncture, I’m goinge through a serious recalibrating of many habits that do not allow me the growth that I’ve been seeking for quite some time.  In the past, I’ve been at various points where I was satisfied with my own personal steps that sought growth in various directions, but of late, I wasn’t accomplishing as much as I would have liked to in life because I steered away from the proactive steps I was taking previously, but wasn’t taking of late. 

To solve those glaring oversights, I needed to handle my main problem, which was the amount of time I spent on social media. I wrote about it in the past, but as a quick synopsis, on average I spent well over 100 hours of a month, nigh every single month last year wasting time on social media.  That seems outlandish, except some people spend a few multiples of that when it comes down to it.  It’s actually a much more serious issue than it seems at first blush, but I won’t delve into that now.  The point is that if I was going to get to the self-reinforcing positive habits that I love doing, which are writing poetry and blogs, and conducting reading while also doing research, I needed to quite overlooking main and most obvious vacuum of time, which was social media. 

Sometimes readjusting your time is easy, and sometimes is hard, as social media can be highly addictive, as psychologist Stephanie Brown PhD discuses in her book, Speed – Facing Our Addiction To Fast & Faster – And Overcoming Our Fear Of Slowing Down.  Either way, easy or not, it needed to be done.

There are other bad habits that I also have and I’m working on overcoming, such as not being mindful about what I eat and so on, but the largest one that affected me the most is social media by far.  And while I still plan on using social media as needed, I’m going to be mindful about it and efficient as well.  But creating a positive habit is one thing, keeping those habits is the hard part.  This is why I need to be mindful about it as I continue to move forward given the goals that I have this year, be them personal, business, writing, and so on.

As I do that, I’ll be able to follow the steps that I’m going to take and was taking in the past, thus bit by bit, continue to achieve the goals that I set for myself. I know many of the goals will not be easy, particularly with writing and so on, but obstacles are something that allows for growth and are part of life, so I shall learn from them every step of the way.

And I hope that in whatever goals each of you are undertaking at the moment, you all seek to take a really proactive approach to achieving those dreams as well.

Personal Note:

I’m going to be doing a larger Blog Update soon. I’m in the process of getting another admin or two of my Facebook pages, since I’m also using my old one again, that couples into another Blog I’m also going to be writing on as well, so I will be quite busy. Finally, I know the mailing list has grown overtime even though I’ve neglected this blog quite a bit, but I really want to thank those of you who have stuck around and continued to support the blog when possible. I You all have a stellar evening.

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