Blackburn Bits #7 – Venturing Outside Comfort Zones

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
– Neal Donald Walsch

It’s intriguing when you’re mindset shifts. Not long ago, although I always considered myself strong in certain aspects of mindset, that wasn’t the case with everything. Trying new things, venturing outside of my comfort zones, and steamrolling towards my dreams, was something that always seemed like trying to climb Mount Everest as a snail on crutches. Except, there is no mountain, except those we impose upon ourselves. That doesn’t mean there are no obstacles, but we as individuals need not add complications to those circumstances.

Thankfully, now, I rarely talk myself out of venturing outside of my comfort zones. It does happen at times though, but I do try, and often. Even if it fails, and that’s okay. The feedback of failure is actually something that can lead in separate directions, a positive, and a negative one. And when it comes to failure, what’s the worst thing that happens if you fail at something like a dream or goal? You fail, that’s it. It isn’t death. It’s not a catastrophe. It’s just failure, something we get over, but something that can serve as part of the foundation or growth if you so choose.

But what happens if you succeeded? It changes your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine. And I’m thankful for having gotten over my fear of venturing outside of comfort zones, because had I not, in some capacity I wouldn’t have met most (or even all) of you under varying circumstances. This is because at minimum, I had to venture outside of my comfort zones, and now I’m thankful for everything in some capacity, even failures. Especially since failing at something shows how you can adapt, grow, become something more, perhaps different than you thought, but still, a better version of you. Or not. Just depends on the steps you take. And even if its baby steps, any step forward counts.

So why not keep taking steps forward instead of staying stagnant?

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