Blackburn Bits #5 – Privacy Considerations

The world we live in is no longer the world our parents grew up in.  These days, personal information has been monetized by corporations for myriad reasons, showing the premium than private data has for certain sects of society, particularly the criminal underworld. 

In a perfectly moral world, such considerations wouldn’t even taken place, but we live not in a ‘perfect’ world, we live in a world where information isn’t only used against individuals to make money off of them, but sometimes, criminal elements of society will use that information to control individuals into doing whatever questionable acts they deem fit. 

Moral of the story, be careful who you share your information with, particularly personal information like your full name, address, work place, personal pictures, and anything else, and also be careful where you share that information, because at times that’s just as important as the information shared, if not more so.  All of this might be obvious, but given that much of what’s obvious (i.e. people “should” eat healthy) can often be glossed over easily, I share this as a reminder to hopefully urge individuals to be more mindful of such considerations.  

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