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The Road Of Tomorrow

The road
of tomorrow
cannot be created
with the shattered bricks
of yesterday.
Zy Marquiez
Note: ‘Shattered bricks’ is a metaphor for mistakes being (erroneously) used as a foundational component for the future in whatever you are seeking to create by yourself, or with others. This was written with considerations that often times we wish to do the best for ourselves in the moment, which resonates into tomorrow, except we continually keep repeating the same mistakes that holds us back. I know I make this mistake quite often. Bottom line, I just need to be more mindful of the steps that I take in order to do the best for myself and others.


Noctis Blackburn (aka. Zy Marquiez) is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.
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Zy Marquiez

Open-Minded Skeptic, Book Reviewer, Introvert, Researcher, Writer, Creativity Connoisseur, Yoga Dilettante & Carmel Macchiato Addict.

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