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Best Strangers

friends, make the best strangers.

strangers, make the best friends.

Noctis Blackburn


This poem (if you could call it that) is not a sleight on my friends, for they are all each incredible, and I truly mean that. Life being life at times, sometimes, a friend often can’t be there for someone else because they’re at work, or have something important to do, and that’s okay. I wanted to add this to the post, because I did not elaborate at length on Instagram, where I originally posted this, given how you only have a certain amount of space to write, and it’s much faster for me to write this on a laptop.

Even so, this is what’s amazing about the human experience. You don’t have to know someone in any official capacity to impact their life. People that we will never meet will impact our lives in countless ways, often in downright incredible ways, ways that we sometimes can’t even imagine. I elaborated on this in my latest book Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All.

Most often, this impact others impart on you is indirect; other times, this impact is very direct, like you synchronistically crashing into someone like an idiot, which was what happened to me when I ran into someone when I was about to walk out of somewhere because I wasn’t being mindful.

Then hours later, you’ve made a new friend, even though you were on your way out of that establishment. The whole point is that, life being life, even though obstacles will arise on your path, it doesn’t mean everything you face will be an obstacle. On the flip side of obstacles are the more significant moments in life, those that impact you heavily, and sometimes for the rest of the time. In the rarest types, perhaps even lifetimes. That’s just my take on it, and I truly believe that. What’s yours?

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