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Serene Serenades

She glimmers gorgeous radiance from her striking eyes,
he weaves torrential tapestries of elation
upon her succulent skin
they bask in the essence of their serene serenades
that invigorate their united spirit in myriad joyful moments
as they bond in mind, body and spirit.

Time slows to a crawl, every second eternal,
flowing prismatically, showing celestial cycles of time;
a kaleidoscope of possibilities in their every moment
which interweaves destinies as coital canvases collide.

Life firmly sets an ironclad foundation
whereupon long–lost lovers bind themselves to each other
tethered by a gaze that whispers perennially
and speaks more words than a thousand lifetimes ever could

Enchanting encounters brought about often
exuberantly soothing and mending once war–torn hearts
whereupon the past, present, and future,
majestically merge an eternity of possibilities
into that one iridescent instance where eternal lovers realize
that they have not only found their sanctum once more
but that they also finally arrived home forevermore.

Noctis Blackburn ©


About Me:
Noctis Blackburn is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.
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