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The Language Of The Universe

Love is kaleidoscope of all emotional extremes
from shuddering earthquakes and torrential tornadoes
to resounding thunderstorms and even volcanoes;
all wrapped within emotional seams;
Love is a paradise in which you and I verse,
speaking honestly in the language of the Universe,
Love is the most breathless, vibrant and blissful extreme,
a truly precious moment, a midsummer night’s dream.
Love is forgiving, love is kind, love is even blind;
it is the most honest emotion you can find.
Love between two is the most divine connection,
it is Heaven’s own substance, unbridled perfection.
– Noctis Blackburn

About Me:

Noctis Blackburn is an author, bibliophile, writer, poet, dreamer, star gazer, autodidact, logician, researcher, lover of life, Carmel Macchiatto addict, and more.

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Zy Marquiez

Open-Minded Skeptic, Book Reviewer, Introvert, Researcher, Writer, Creativity Connoisseur, Yoga Dilettante & Carmel Macchiato Addict.

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