Blackburn Musings #4 – Always Listen To Your Mom | #Mom #Family #Life #WritingCommunity #Prose #Poetry

You know, someone once told me “Always listen to your Mom, because one day you won’t be able too.” That hit me hard. I’ll always remember that piece of advice, well over 20 years ago.

Today, when I was helping her with something, she was venting about a random issue that I often try and urge her not to stress about given that its really not that important since she stresses herself out considerably, and I was going to tell her just to take it easy for a moment, but I didn’t. I just listened to her talk for the next 30 minutes because I knew that one day eventually she wouldn’t be talking to me anymore, and that just shattered me to pieces.

Thankfully she couldn’t tell because I’ve learn how to wear a mask so long that she can’t even tell the difference, plus the last thing I want her to do is worry about me when I’m just thinking about her and how much I’m going to miss her one day.

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