Blackburn Musings #2 – Tarot Tuesday
Nocits Blackburn
August 27, 2019

Having no interesting title to roll with, I figured the one above seems proper given that it covers exactly what I’m going to discuss.  That way, whether people are interested or not, they know off the bat, and can either read along or move on to something they find more intriguing.

As a caveat, I’m sharing my recent card draw from two particular decks that I’ll discuss in a moment.  However, my goal is not to convince anyone of anything regarding Tarot cards and so on.  I’m simply showing one small component of my varying interests that has made my life not only intriguing, but quite meaningful in a few respects.  That said, whatever anyone else believes is their belief, and it I think it’s amazing that we have the freedom to believe whatever we wish to.  And while I might agree or disagree with someone on any given subject, I will always support their choice for whatever they believe, whatever they find meaning in, or whatever they find intriguing as well, are some of the things that make life downright incredible for individuals.  There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here.  That would be incredibly conformist, plus life doesn’t operate like that anyway. 

Given the wide kaleidoscope of intriguing subjects that life contains, I find Tarot Cards and such very intriguing because I’ve seen it work for me countless times, as well as others as well.  How often I will speak about this subject, I have no idea to be honest.  It certainly won’t be every day, but it could be during more significant or at least intriguing circumstances.  I’ll let my feelings on the matter and instincts decide when to do what.

Ironically enough, as I mentioned in the previous post, the reason I restarted doing Musings that I was doing on IG a while ago was due one of the card draws.  Now, the cards themselves didn’t suggest me doing journaling or anything similar, though at times some decks do suggest that.  Even so, how I ended up deciding to follow through with some entries was due to a specific card that spoke about my voice.

In any case, the picture below shows the first 3 decks I ever purchased, which are some of my favorites. 

I purchased Moonology first, The Fountain deck next, followed by the Oracle Energy Cards.  All three decks have helped me quite often, and the results are always intriguing.  I also have a few additional decks, 4 or 5, although one is incredibly biased and all positive, which can significantly hamper readings.  I do enjoy the deck, but I don’t pretend that the deck or life will yield ‘only’ positive results.  That doesn’t make too much sense.  I use it on occasion more as a supplement than a go-to deck.

Now, yesterday I drew from the Fountain and the Energy Oracle cards, and later today I’ll draw from 3 additional decks.   Last night I drew 3 cards from the Fountain Deck, and these cards were The Hermit IX, the Page of Swords, and The Fountain card. 

The Page of Swords speaks of bold curiosity, which describes me to a tee.  It speaks of wanting to know everything now, which is something I seek to do relentlessly.  It speaks of learning quickly, logically, while finding my own truth and my vision being incisive.  Moreover, it speaks of being a mental risk-taker, which is a way that I would have never described myself in the past, but it is an accurate description now. 

The Hermit IX card hearkens to quiet observation, which I believe zones in on mindfulness, although the book doesn’t state that at all.  The card speaks of entering the realm of the heart and mind, which is something I am attempting to do in solitude, which ironically enough is something I did over the weekend quite a bit, but that will be discussed in the next entry.  The card speaks of searching for things that are ego-based, which is something else that I am proactively doing, because those couple with fears, so the card’s right on the mark.  The card also speaks of reassessment, focused attention, introspection, letting go of rigid views, and so on. 

The Fountain Card speaks about simply being.  This card speaks of the interconnectedness with everything around, about the illusion of control, while also urging one to remain quiet, not unlike the Hermit card.  (Common themes tend to happen in my draws quite often, which really helps hammer down with precision what I ‘should’ be focusing on, subjectively speaking that is).  This draw invites me to sit back and observe, remain fully awake, seek clarity, while being myself through and through.

From the Energy Oracle Cards, I drew the Community Card, the Angel of Strength Card, and the Door to Personal Healing & Happiness (Reversed).

The Community Card spoke of 3 females in my life sharing their ideas and being supportive.  I believe these to be two of my best friends, and one person that I met weeks ago that’s been downright incredible in helping me in countless ways when it comes to my writing project.  She described herself as a “superfan” but is more emblematic of a one-woman army that’s become a friend, that’s working with various authors on many projects.   

The Door to Personal Healing & Happiness card came reversed.  This means that I’m forgoing inner healing with health, I’m not following through with specific plans which I have set for myself, that self-mastery and discipline have been tough, and that my growth is blocked at the moment.  That’s checkmarks across the board, for the card couldn’t be more accurate.  The card urges that my intentions need to be clear and unconflicted.  It speaks of other things as well, but I’ll leave it at that.

The Angel Of Strength card spoke of speaking my truth and take action on my behalf.  It speaks about taking great control of my destiny, which is something that I’m pushing to a considerable extent while chasing my passion and dreams with writing.  It is this card that spurred me to restart the musings, so I am definitely grateful for that.

Key Takeaways:

All in all, the overall theme subjectively speaking for me was to remain focused, be mindful, stay authentic, be attentive, act from the heart and mind, make sure that my intent remains focused, and make sure I don’t overlook my health, which is something I’ve done a stellar job as of late.  The draw harpooned exactly what I’m going through in life at my current juncture.    

If I had to state the most important parts of the whole draw was not only to be mindful, which affects every other aspect of my life including health, but to make sure I take care of myself, which I haven’t done that well the last few months.  In fact, as some of my friends that do draws as well know, I’ve been getting the “take care of yourself cards” from many decks simultaneously, and have so for weeks.  So the running theme continues because I keep failing at not doing what I need to do. 

That’s part of what I find intriguing about these draws.  While most of the cards will shift and so on, bringing about new perspectives, considerations and so on, specific cards, or specific themes will often remain for days, weeks or months, until they are addressed properly.  I really like that because it’s like I am being put on notice by someone saying, “HEY BUDDY, QUITE SLACKING ON HEALTH!  YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT!”  Hey, some people learn slower than others, what can I say?  *Shrugs*

I plan on drawing from the Moonology Deck, the Goddess deck, perhaps an animal deck, and another one, although I’m not sure.  I’m still undecided.  If the draw is intriguing, I might write something up.  If it isn’t and it’s more of the same, which happens often (like focusing on health, solitude, etc.) then I just won’t speak of it since it’ll just be a rehash. 

If you’ve read this far, you’re a damn saint, so give yourself a high five and many thanks for taking the time to delve into something so ‘out there’ that most people don’t even consider, yet alone delve into.

You all have a wonderful day. 

Author’s Note:

I purchased all of these Decks on Amazon. These decks have all sorts of reviews as well, which really helps if you’re trying to narrow down specific decks, or need additional information.

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