About Me

July 22, 2019

Simply stated, this website is to share my personal passion for writing and all that that entails. 

Though I have been writing on and off for a few years, I had mostly stuck to book reviews and blog posts exploring various subjects in the past.  This year I began branching out more into poetry to a significant extent, which I hadn’t done so for the better part of two decades.

I have an insatiable passion for writing that ranges from poetry and prose, to short stories, book reviews and some more self-empowering pieces that will be shared on this website.

On this platform I not only plan on sharing my personal endeavors, but all of the lessons that I learn within writing in attempt to empower others to not have to go through the mistakes that I am learning as I go, given that I’m “learning on the job” so to speak. 

If any of the above sounds intriguing to you, I implore you to join me on my journey in exploring the endless latitude that imagination, creativity, and writing provides.

Kindest Regards,
Noctis Blackburn

Image Credit: Deviant Art

Published by

Zy Marquiez

Open-Minded Skeptic, Book Reviewer, Introvert, Researcher, Writer, Creativity Connoisseur, Yoga Dilettante & Carmel Macchiato Addict.

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